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Washington Nationals 2013 Off-Season Targets: Zack Greinke

Everyone knows the story of Zack Greinke and the Nationals. Around about the 2011 off-season Mike Rizzo had a deal worked out or close with Dayton Moore and the Roayls to acquire Greinke for Espinosa, Zimmermann, Storen, and Norris. Greinke ended up using his no trade clause because he wanted to go to a team closer to winning. Greinke ended up pitching for the Brewers in 2011 and 2012 going to the NLCS in 2011 before being traded at the deadline to the Angels in 2012. 

The Nationals did try and pay Greinke to waive his no trade clause. The deal was reported to be between $80-90 million and for around six years. The deal Greinke gets this off-season should be higher than that. This is a 29 year old who has pitched over 200 innings in four of the past five seasons and pitched 171 2/3 innings in that one season. Years ago Greinke struggled with depression and anxiety issues, but those are a thing of the past and he has been nothing but productive in recent seasons.

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