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Nationals 101: Episode 6 Road Trip: Fenway and Field Dimensions

Episode 6

Just back from Boston, Frank and Susan discuss being the visiting fan at one of Baseball's most storied and famous ballparks, and the differences between baseball parks across the league. Also a Nats Update and Ian Desmond is our Get to Know a Nat. Nationals 101, Now with actual recording equipment!


Nationals 101 Episode 5: Standings and Interleague ("Part of the 500")


Episode 5

In our first O-fficial episode on Citizens of Natstown, Susan and Frank get back behind the mic to talk about the recent NL East Road Trip for the Nationals, How standings work and what to look for, and spend a little time talking about Interleague Play. A History lesson, The DH, 1876 and some announcements at the end of the show.  Enjoy!


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