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Deleting the Adjectives: Tyler Moore

Sometimes when looking at thecomplex mathematical formulas that go into the new advanced stats it is hard to remember that at their root is the game of baseball. One time I was debating the merits of Steve Lombardozzi and Danny Espinosa and was accused of only liking Espinosa more because he had a higher WAR. When I laid out that in fact I liked him because of his superior power, base running and defense I got the odd response that those were all components of WAR. What the person I was discussing this with seemed to forget was that these are also components of baseball.

Numbers are not there to replace baseball, merely to either confirm what you have observed or to make you re-think it. What is really cool is when you observe something and the numbers come back in complete agreement. I just experienced this the other day in regards to Tyler Moore.​

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Will Tyler Moore improve upon 2012 success?

Raise your hand if you love Tyler Moore. I’d expect to see most hands raised around Natstown, as Moore’s clutch base hit in game 1 of the NLDS turned a 2-1 deficit into a 3-2 win. Now raise your hand if you thought Tyler Moore was going to be a significant ML contributor this year. A lot of hands should be going down – I know mine is. It’s a lot easier to imagine a top prospect like Bryce Harper or Anthony Rendon improving on his way to the big leagues than a guy like Tyler Moore, but Moore showed impressive and real improvement this season.
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