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Don't Call it a Comeback

Before any baseball season begins writers and bloggers sit down and poundout their bold predictions. So now as the second half (a 95/67 split isn't really half) is about to be upon us I am going to make a bold prediction of my own. I have conversed with the muse, read the tea leaves, and even talked with the voices in my head to reach this conclusion: the Washington Nationals will make the 2013 playoffs. If you aren't a DC sports fan reading this you may be a little confused as to why it is a bold prediction to predict that a team second in their division and first in line to catch the Reds for the second wild card spot could make the playoffs. Live here for a couple months and you'll understand.  

There are many things about the Washington Nationals that point to them having a better second half than first half. The chief complaint everyone has had about the team is that they don't score enough runs, but for more than a month now they have averaged over four runs a game. The 4.2 runs they've averaged since Rendon came up to play second and Werth returned from injury would have them tied with the Diamondbacks for fifth in the NL. That isn't bad and with the Nationals pitching that should be more than enough runs to win most games. Now I can see a few people reading this have stopped and screamed at their computer, "You are what your record says you are, numskull."

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