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Nats Sign JC Romero

Such is the nature of being a Nats blogger these days. By now I am certain that not only have you heard the news about JC Romero, but that if he have read a post on the internet about it it was from someone better than I. Still, though, I will voyage on and pound out my JC Romero manifesto on this keyboard here, because I feel the need to keep my mind fresh until there comes a time when there is real and actual news or I have an epiphany of something good and/or entertaining to write. As the Nats have been utterly boring this spring and the best of all news would be for them to be utterly boring during the season that aforementioned time may never come to pass and any creativity I have left will whither and die like a well salted slug.  ​

JC Romero is a pitcher. Beyond that he is a left handed pitcher who can sometime throw the ball to the plate (5.1 career BB/9), and sometimes when he gets the ball over the plate it is not hammered for an extra base hit (0.8 career HR/9). He is also a pitcher with a chance to strike a batter out (7.2 career K/9). The most important thing about JC Romero is that he is left handed and being such gives him an advantage in finding a job despite the fact that he is a career 4.16 ERA reliever at the advanced age of 36. JC Romero is the typical lefty hanging on at what for a right hander would be past the end of a career because he has a near .200 difference in OPS versus left handers (.612) as opposed to right handers (.817).

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