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Should the Nats Move Dan Haren

Before getting into the baseball part of this I want to apologize for notwriting as frequently as I should. With the Nats nose-diving a couple weeks back I turned my attention to something else. A non-baseball writing project I am working on, and while working on that I decided to crack open my old laptop and publish some of the work from that. You can buy, read, and review it here. I will thank you immensely if you do. Now, on to baseball.

It is my belief that the Nationals do not really want to trade Dan Haren. They have reportedly asked for an Alex Meyer level prospect. They won't get that for Dan Haren and they know it. The only reason to ask for that level of prospect is to either make a team think they won when you "cave" and accept a lower level prospect or because there is no real interest in trading the player.  

The question with the Nats recent play is should they be interested in trading Dan Haren. It is unlikely that they want any of the minor leaguers starting as the Nats are big on innings limits and such but Nathan Karns has pitched at the majors this season and more innings would only help his 2014 innings limit. AJ Cole, Robbie Ray, and all the other more prospect like pitching prospects won't get an inning in the majors this season, and throwing them into what could be a pennant race isn't exactly fair, and there is also the fact that Dan Haren has a 2.53 ERA since coming off the DL and has been the Nats best starting pitcher since the All-Star Break. If the Nats are serious about closing the gap with the Reds they, in no uncertain terms, need Dan Haren.

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