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The "What If" No One Is Talking About

The past few days have been nothing but what-ifs from every corner of the sports media universe when it comes to the Nats' loss in Game 5 of the 2012 National League Division Series against the St. Louis Cardinals. What if Gio had lasted longer? What if one of those pitches in the zone called balls for Freese and Molina had been called a strike? What if the decision had been made to walk Pete Kozma before he batted in the winning runs? What if the offense had stayed alive when a crisp autumnal chill settled down to cool the bats that had given the Nats a 6-0 lead?

Analysis, schmanalysis. The fact remains that the Nats are actually .500 in postseason elimination games, and that's an important thing to realize. What if the Nats had never made it to Friday in the first place? 

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