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The Slow Curve: Very Superstitious

So over at the Slow Curve, we've been stymied by stomach flu (the same week Bryce Harper had it) and technical difficulties (apparently the same week the Nats defense had it) and as such, haven't been around much these past two weeks. ​I have this notion that if I'm not watching or listening to the game AND signed into Twitter, the Nats are more likely to lose. But any given night, you're bound to see various and sundry theories as to why Adam LaRoche is slumping, why everyone is pulling their hamstrings, why men get left on base.  Conversely, when Danny Espinosa doesn't shave for a day and gets a good knock, Twitter talks about #beardpower; someone hits it out of the park and another person says "Hey, I just turned on the TV" as if that's the whole inspiration behind going yard. There are jinxes (those cast against other teams by @JWerthsBeard, and those cast upon us by @WashingNats), cataclysm-inspired magic words tossed out to summon power (Harpercalypse! Werthquake! Adam Bomb!), and, of course, that favorite cap that you've never washed ever because without it, the pitchers can't find the strike zone.

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The Slow Curve: When a Thing Becomes a Thing

There's been some back and forth over the past week over whether theNationals should use "Take On Me" as the 7th Inning Stretch Nats anthem--some say Michael Morse left the song to the team and that it's an appropriate commemoration of his contribution to the 2012 run. Others noted his responses on Twitter ("creepy") and wondered if lifting the tune was legit. Still others were ok with the song, but notsomuch the way the Nats cut the music for the collective karaoke high-note -- and then started the music again.

But what strikes me is the fact that it became a thing in the first place. Ever since Michael Morse put the song into his walk-up rotation, I would happily sing along with the '80s pop hit, partly because I *can* hit that high note. But it wasn't a "thing" at first, and it was notable when the press started observing that they could hear the fans singing after the music cut out. Because that was when it became a thing -- aided, I think, by Michael Morse singing the song on MLB's "Intentional Talk."

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The Slow Curve: Remote Fandom

​I realize that I don’t live as far away from NatsTown as some of my Nats fanfriends do. But the 80 miles between me and the game most days really bothers me. It’s a long-distance relationship made easier by technology: The TV and radio, and At-Bat app, keep me connected with the game. So I’m a remote fan in two senses of the word: Can’t make it to the game much, and utterly dependent on the clicker.

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