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Remember When

Do you remember when Buster Olney went on Baseball Tonight and predicted the 2007 Nationals would be historically bad, but not only that they would be lucky if they could win 42 games. Or do you remember when columns like this one from Jeff Passan were the norm with catchy little puns like, "National Disaster." At times it is hard to even remember the bi-gone days when Jason Simontacchi, Mike Bacsik, and Micah Bowie were key figures in the Nats rotation.    ​

What makes it even harder to hold on to those memories of the bad Nats are columns like this about how the Nats could be historically good. In the terms of history five years is nothing. The build up of World War I started with the Bosnian Crisis in 1908 and didn't officially start until Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914. The build up to historic events is a mention in a paragraph on the actual history itself. Those five years from 2007 until 2013 are throw away lines in the book that will be written if the Nats can manage to be historically good. ​

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