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Deleting the Adjectives: Strikeouts

"There's nothing worse than a strikeout."

"Strikeouts kill rallies and are theantithesis of scoring."

"Teams that strike out more, lose more."

"Players who strike out a lot are worthless and should be gotten rid of immediately."

These are all opinions some voices in baseball would want you to believe are true, but are they?

To find out I used the five-year team data from my pitches per plate appearance post and added in strikeout rate and raw strikeout numbers. This should give us a large sample, spread over two different statistics measuring strikeouts, which can give us a good way to test the effect of strikeouts.

Like with the pitches per plate appearance column I again used linear regression to measure the correlation between the two strikeout statistics and the associated stat.  As we were before, we are looking for that big R-squared value that indicates a greater correlation for the data. The only difference is that this time we are looking for a negative correlation, since our hypothesis is that a higher strikeout rate negatively affects production.

Let's start with the big picture, how much do strikeouts effect win totals?

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