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Danny Espinosa's Good Spring Lost in the Shuffle

It has become a spring rite of passage around Natstown for the desire toreplace on middle infielder with a younger fresher model even if said prospect has yet to learn the middle infield. Last season the trendy thought was to trade Desmond, move Espinosa to short, and start Lombardozzi at second. Lombardozzi had a good spring, but the Nats viewed him as more of a utility player and that is where he ended up while Ian Desmond went on to have a career year batting .295/.335/.511. Lombardozzi was important to the Nats filling in for Werth, Zimmerman, Morse, and Desmond when they all missed time and softening the blow normally associated with losing a star player. 

As intense as the Espinosa vs. Desmond debate was last Spring Training, it wasn't without merit. Up until that point in his career Desmond was barely a 1.0 fWAR player and his only true value was derived from positional scarcity. Danny Espinosa in his rookie season was a 3.5 fWAR player and some scouts had him as a better defensive shortstop than Desmond. That argument made a lot more sense than the one to replace a 3.8 fWAR, top 10, second baseman with a minor league corner infielder that has never played the middle infield for a sizable stretch.   

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Will Beastmode Be Leastmode? A Look At the Nats Outfield

The long lasting National(s) nightmare is over, as we are graced with the return of Beastmode, Michael Morse. After having sustained a latissumus dorsi injury, more than likely associated with his move to the outfield and the throws accompanying a patrol of said position, #38 is poised for a raucous return to the home nine.

With this brings minor turmoil to the lineup; the emergence of Steve Lombardozzi, and the return of the previously potent and man of significant first base defensive prowess Adam LaRoche, we have a minor logjam at the positions that Morse has come to call home. This is before we even take into consideration other players that have manned the field in Morse's absence, players such as Xavier Nady, Roger Bernadina, and Bryce Harper, to name a few.

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