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Stan Kasten and The Plan vs. Buying a Championship

In baseball there are two teams with the recent finger prints of Stan Kasten all over them. There are the Washington Nationals that are in many ways still being run by the Kasten Plan. The Plan was put in place by Stan Kasten when he become president in 2006. I remember listening to him on the John Riggins Show laying out what his plan entailed and what the timeline would be. The basic fundamentals of the plan were to build through the farm system, make good trades for young major league talent, and finally to add key free agents at positions of need.

The plan was thwarted a bit by the incumbent GM, Jim Bowden, who had his own plan and it involved getting toolsy players with high upside and troubled history. Imagine what Nook Logan's speed could do if he could get on base, or Wily Mo Pena's power if he could connect with a baseball, or the total package that Milledge and Dukes could be if they could keep their heads in the game. None of this high risk/high reward acquisition worked out for Jim Bowden and the Washington Nationals and the final straw was when Bowden was implicated in a money skimming scandal in the Dominican.

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