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Moon Bouncing: The Nats Series At Colorado

The Nationals went into the series with the Colorado Rockies after having lost a series to the Orioles, so picking up a few wins was the one thing on everyone's mind. The Nationals had also shown some trouble picking up runs or getting hits with runners in scoring position. All these things are nothing new to the Nationals or their fans, as it has become no secret that the Nationals are doing as well as they are because the pitching staff. However, the in entering the city of Denver and playing in Coors Field, the Nationals pitching staff would be put to the Test.

The Rockies have historically had problems with Coors Field, a well-known hitters park. The Nationals would meet the Rockies at Coors Field when they are in an odd sort of transition. The Rockies had recently had a few good years and are currently trying to find the best way to play baseball at Coors Field. The light mountain air and high elevation allow the ball to travel farther and longer. Additionally, pitchers have to work harder to make their breaking pitches break. It is not uncommon for a pitcher to give up a lot of hits or tire quickly. As a result, the Rockies are trying a new system for their starting pitchers. They are using a 4-man rotation, which is limited to a maximum of 75 pitches. Then, a sort of buddy system is used, where a relief pitcher is paired with that starter and limited to 50 pitches. It is an interesting way, but the Rockies are battling something no other Major League team is battling, their own ballpark.

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Yankees @ Nats: A Series Wrap Up

The Nationals, in all the oddities that they have been known for in their relatively short time in Washington, have had one small bragging right over one of the Major League's best. The Nationals and Yankees had played each other all of 6 times before the opening of the series on Friday, and were able to take 4 of the 6 contests. However, the Yankees would march into Washington and finally play up the Nationals and take a series. (WARNING: NOT SO EXPLICIT OPIONIONS)
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