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2012 Nationals Grades: Bullpen

Probably one of the most undervalued aspect of a team is their bullpen. From year to year, a bullpen can look completely different with a select handful of players staying with the team for an extended period of time. The 2012 Nationals had a very good bullpen that, surprisingly was very similar to the roster on the previous year, 2011. The Nationals had some issues with injuries, forcing some adapting along the way. The Nationals were lucky in the sense that there were a few surprises for the team along the way. Additionally, the Nationals bullpen was statistically solid all the way around.
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2012 Nationals Grades: Starting Pitching

2012 was a great season for the Washington Nationals, lots of good came to many players. Some players had career years, some had okay years, but all the aspects of the team came together to make the Nationals first time National League East Division Champions. Back in the winter, everyone was looking forward to the Nationals winning roughly 86 games and having a shot at the wild card spot. The Nationals far exceeded these plans and made an impact on Major League Baseball. It seems fair to review the year the team had and try to highlight strengths and weaknesses.
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