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Pitching Depth Player Profiles

Depth is always an issue in the major leagues, as a 162 game season played over 183 days causes more than simple wear and tear on players. Over the last five seasons, the Nats have used at least 20 batters and 18 pitchers every year in the big leagues, averaging 21.8 batters, 21.2 pitchers, and 43 players total per season. For this reason, it’s important for us to look beyond projecting the 25-man roster (or even the 40-man roster) and look at AAAA-type players, MiLB free agent signings and Rule 5 draft picks. 

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Southpaw Signings

The baseball offseason is a trying time for fans, and one that is highlighted by the comings and goings of players. While some trades make headlines, more than likely, most of the ink we will read during the winter months involves free agents, and their possible destinations. It all ultimately devolves into a glorified game of Eff-Marry-Kill when it comes to the discourse surrounding possible free agent signings, and the Nationals are no different than the other 29 franchises in this respect, as they have more than their share of possible moves to make in preparation for the 2013 season.

While the vast majority of possible moves that the Nats might make this winter will be determined upon the final destination of Gold Glove/Silver Slugger winner Adam LaRoche, one stands alone as unique, due to it being unencumbered by the complexity of a possible ALR re-signing.

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Clippard's Closing, Not A Bad Plan A

Much has been ado about the last two outings of current Nationals closer, Tyler Clippard, and his propensity for ladling up the late inning long ball, lunch lady style. Put into the role during Drew Storen’s extended stay on the DL, the bespectacled wonder has done an admirable job as the fill-in while Storen has rehabbed a bum elbow for nearly all of 2012. The return of the ‘other’ 1st round draft pick of the Nats in 2009 has Twitter a-twitter over who will man the 9th for the first place Nats. Will the overall success of Clippard in the closer role be enough to convince manager Davey Johnson to stay put with Clip, or will having Storen back on the roster mark the return of Clip to 8th inning set up duties, where his dominance of that inning was worthy of a 2011 All-Star selection?
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Footloose: The Resurgence of Sean Burnett's Career

If there’s one word that succinctly describes Sean Burnett’s career, it’s enigmatic. It’s been a long and windy road from his days as a first round draft pick pegged as one of the future mainstays of the Pirates starting rotation to his current residence in the Nationals bullpen. From his piercing blue eyes hiding under the rakish tilt of his cap, to his oft maligned relief appearances, it’s easy to say Burnett has broken a few hearts during his DC tenure. In 2012, Burnett has seen a renaissance of sorts; a return to bursts of dominance that he has flashed in previous seasons, with an added component missing from those seasons -- consistency.
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