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Washington Nationals 2013 Off-Season Targets: Ryan Dempster

One important thing to keep in mind as the Nationals look for a new pitcher is that they are replacing Edwin Jackson. The Nationals are looking for a fifth starter and now as the market is starting to develop the players the market views as such can be identified. There is a lot of talk about Zack Greinke who everyone knew was going to be highly sought after and then the second tier guys are not the ones that were expected. Kyle Lohse and Anibal Sanchez are emerging as the two options after Greinke.

Before the off-season began it was my estimation that Ryan Dempster would be the most overpaid player on the market, but that isn't coming to fruition. The only team that has been reported with any level of interest are the Twins, but that may be due to the fact that options for Dempster won't be fully realized until Greinke, Lohse, and Sanchez have signed. It is then that the market for Dempster would start to materialize. 

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What the Dempster Trade Would Have Meant for the Nats

Over the weekend the Nats and Braves split a four game series which means that the Braves remain 3.5 games behind the Nationals. The big question is how much did Ryan Dempster improve the Braves. By my calculations that spot in the Braves rotation will be getting 13 more starts to finish out the year and if they were pitched by Jair Jurrjens it would be worth roughly -0.5 WAR and if they are pitched by Dempster roughly 1.9 WAR. The Braves in this trade picked up 2.5 games on the Nats which still has them a game back of the division lead, and any day now the Nats will be getting Jayson Werth back, and that could help the Nats more than any trade they could make. 

The Nats still have issues, but they had those issues this morning and the Braves making a trade for Dempster doesn't change the Nats issues or how they should approach those issues. With Ian Desmond now on the shelf the Nats have no one on their bench who can back-up at short stop, and if something were to happen to both Espinosa and Lombardozzi in a game they could end up with DeRosa and second and Zimmerman at short. The Nats lack a viable back-up middle infielder. 

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