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Jordan Zimmermann and the Myth of Run Support

Yesterday Jordan Zimmermann spun six shutout innings against the DetroitTigers, retiring 18 batters in a row after giving up a leadoff hit. That in and of itself is remarkable; but what really stood out was that Zimmermann went on to earn a no decision due to his teammates only scoring a run in support of him. This lead to what has been a constant refrain in Natstown since 2011; that Zimmermann is criminally unsupported by his teammates. Many have joked that the team must have it out for him. All of this overlooks the fact that Zimmermann isn't lacking in the run support department and in fact does pretty well.

The Rodney Dangerfielding of Zimmermann began in 2011 when he got a paltry 3.2 runs per game on average of support. That year Zimmermann had a legitimate gripe as it would be difficult for any pitcher to amass a number of wins with an offense that only scores about three runs a game for them. Even then though, the idea that Zimmermann was being singled out was overly dramatized as the other two Nats pitchers who had more than 25 starts had less than 4 runs of support as well. John Lannan averaged 3.59 runs per game and Livan Hernandez averaged 3.92. The Nationals that year just did not have a good offense, but Zimmermann still seemed to get the short end of the draw.​

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