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Harper vs. Trout

The Harper vs. Trout debate irritates me to no end. Let's run some basic numbers first. Trout is 20, Harper is 19. Trout has 273 PA at the Major League level (over two stints), Harper has 129 PA. Trout has 286 career Minor League games under his belt, Harper has 129. The point is easily seen that not only has Trout had 40 additional games at the Major League level to become acclimated, he also had well over twice the amount of prep time in the minors that Harper did. 

Statistically, I have serious issues with trying to take anything meaningful from sample sizes of 129 PA and 273 PA, as both are short of even half a season of baseball. But since the worldwide leader, among others, felt the need to make this an issue, I'm going to indulge.

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