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Series #16 Preview: Nats vs Phillies

After what seems like aneternity, the Nats are finally home after their 10-game three-city west coast road trip in which MLB thoughtfully did not include an off-day until the return trip home. The Nats ended the trip 4-6 and even though they battled Cy Young winning pitchers, injuries and most of all themselves, it was a somewhat disappointing result as they could have easily been 6-4, if not better. I could go into much more detail but we covered this pretty extensively on the Podcast last night and that’s a much more complete conversation. Check it out if you haven’t already.

It’s hard to believe that it’s Memorial Day weekend and the Nats are facing the Phillies for the first time this year, while having already faced the Marlins, Braves and Reds twice. The Phils roll into the Nation’s Capital with a 23-24 record having a disappointing start to the year accompanied by a troubling injury to Roy Halladay and less than stellar production from Cole Hamels. Even with those two issues, the starting pitching had been middle of the road with the rotation ranking 17th in WAR, and 15th in ERA/FIP. The bullpen is a whole other kind of awful, ranking 26th in ERA and WAR while ranking 29th in FIP. The offense hasn’t been doing the team any favors either, ranking 26th in MLB in OPS with a combined .690.

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A Genuine Nationals Moment, A Division Championship, & A Few Feelings

The Nationals are a team that is unique in its ability to be a kind of lovable oddball. I am not sure what it is that makes the Nationals' luck, but one thing is certain, it is strange. On October 1st, 2012 the Nationals were able to clinch their first ever division championship, but it came in a most peculiar way and had some strange follow up moments to boot.
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Return to the Scene of the Crime

April 5, 2010 a day no Nats fan will ever forget. It was a day when Nats Park wasn't Nats Park. It was the culmination of one year earlier then Nats team president Stan Kasten ventured onto Philly radio and invited Phillies fans down to Nationals Park for the 2009 home opener. That day wasn't nearly as bad because the invitation was made after most of the single game tickets were sold, but the standing invitation was out there, and one year later Phillies fans would take full advantage.

As soon a group tickets went on sale they were gobbled up by Phillies fan eager to see the regular season debut of Roy Halladay and Nats fans had little chance to counter. Opening Day is a day for celebration. It is the beginning of baseball and in the beginning there is always hope. That is there is hope until the home team's franchise player is booed receiving his second straight Silver Slugger award and the entire starting line-up gets the same treatment. The hope for the 2010 Washington Nationals lasted until they took the field at Nats Park.

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Series Preview: Nats Look to Clinch NL East Against the Phillies

Well, the final series of the regular season is upon us and the Nats magic number is down to one. Now, I know that Bryce, Jayson, Zim and the boys were roughed up in two out of their last three games with the Cardinals, but there is a silver lining to two of the more depressing games that I have watched in a while, we get to clinch the division playing the Phillies.

Do not get me wrong, I would have loved to have had three to five games where we could have had the Shark running around the outfield making ESPN’s Top Ten every night while the Regular starters rested for a clash with (most likely) the Braves in the NLDS, but it did not work out that way. However, when asked 'which team in the division has plagued the Nats since the move to DC in 2005?', the answer is definitely the Phillies. Which fan base makes the drive from Pennsylvania to be the biggest visiting jerks in all of baseball? The answer is again, the Phillies. So, who which team would be the best to clinch against? I would say the Phillies.

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