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Hot or Not: Opening Week

It's that time of year again - time for cherry blossoms to be in bloom.

OK, time for blossoms AND Nationalsbaseball. I'm guessing that when you're not staring at really old trees, you've probably been down to the ballpark and taken in a couple of games. ​You've also probably though to yourself  'wow, I am already for a list; a list to tell me who is doing well and who isn't on the home based-ball squad, even though the concept of small sample size tells me it is a lesson in futility this early in the season. SOMEONE GIVE ME A LIST'.

You're in luck, as like I did later on in the 2012 season, I will be providing you a weekly 'who's hot, who's not' feature. It will be life changing, it will more than likely bring peace to the Korean peninsula[1], but most importantly, it will be a list. DISCLAIMER: it will not be gluten-free. Sorry, Celiac Disease sufferers and Jayson Werth fans!

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Nationals Retrospective: Opening Week

After a week of some utter domination by Nats pitching mixed with arollercoaster of a series against the Reds, Nat fans have plenty to talk about as the 2013 season gets underway.  For those of you who may have missed a few games this week, here’s a great look at what’s been happening in Natstown:

The Pros:

- The starters brought their A-game.

Besides a hiccup from Dan Haren against the Reds where the newest member of the starting five allowed six runs off four home runs, the rotation has looked excellent.  In the first run through the rotation, Nats starters still posted a 2.17 ERA with a 1.14 WHIP.  While they only posted a mediocre 4.66 K/9, there were still shutout performances from Stras, Gio, and Detwiler.  The Nats entered this season with the starting rotation very publicly considered as one of the team’s biggest strengths.  So while early success is not surprising, it is still encouraging and always a great sign.  However, Haren’s inability to stump Red’s hitters will have a few fans raising their eyebrows.  The veteran righty is coming off an injury plagued season with the Angels.  He is someone to keep an eye on in the following weeks.

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