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The Slow Crawl to the Finish

While everyone else in the world is excited for the holiday season baseball fans are waiting for February for pitchers and catchers to report and beyond that April 1 when the real game begin. All this off-season stuff is nice and all, but April 1 is when we start to find out if the Royals truly are contenders or if all the money the Dodgers spent is going to help them pass the Giants. It is even worse if you are a fan of a team like the Washington Nationals. In years past their would be a segment of Nats fans looking at a deal like the one for Kevin Correia and lamenting the fact the Nationals didn't think of it first.

Those days are gone. The Nationals don't need to make any moves. They would like to bring back LaRoche, trade Morse, and bring in a lefty reliever, but they don't need to. Using the career average fWARs for the Nats current projected 25 man roster if the Nats went into the season with their current roster they would duplicate last season's win total of 98 games. That is without the defense of LaRoche, and since WAR is based on playing time, accounting for injuries. The Nationals have a contending and possible World Series roster as it stands right now, and that means the rest of this off-season is going to be very boring.

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