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Blogging About the Nationals

You may have noticed a drop in production from me this season and while it may do with the fact that my life has been a little busier during the early parts of the 2014 season it mainly has to do with the fact that the Washington Nationals have remained basically the same team from April until now. The starting pitching was an issue early one when it came to run prevention, but like the stats said they would the Nationals pitchers regressed to the mean and are now fourth in baseball with an ERA of 3.31 and tops in baseball with a FIP of 3.24. The mean in that department has been regressed to while the bullpen has remained excellent and the offense has been average to above when they've had enough starters on the field. And that is really the only issue the Washington Nationals have faced. They have gone through stretches missing two or three starting position players and have really only had their projected line-up on the field for seven total innings. Again that isn't something that is interesting to write about over and over and over again. By now you're thinking that if I'm an bit of a decent baseball blogging person that I'd be able to find a way to put out more than one blog a week, but with as little as has changed with this team the blogs from this week would be saying the same as last but in a different manner.

The biggest thing with the Washington Nationals is that they have the second best run differential in the NL and an expected record of 42-32 so in reality they've played better than their record indicates. The reason for the discrepancy has to do with the Nationals record in one run and extra-inning games. The Nationals are 1-7 in extra-inning games and 9-13 in one run games. Under Davey Johnson the Nationals had winning records in both of those types of games, but with Matt Williams still learning how to manage the Nationals have struggled as the manager has struggled with bullpen usage.

It was said by some during 2012 that the Nationals were difficult to write about, but I never found that to be the case. That team was so good that it was always fun to go back and look at the 2008 or 2009 Nats team and compare them to 2012 or write about the Nats one other not losing season of 2005 and why 2012 was different, and there's the idea. Why is 2014 different than 2013, but that would only be worth one post. At least I figured one thing out from writing this strange post on my writing about the Nationals that no one is reading by now.

The real truth is I made up all the things about the Nats being uninteresting and their excellent stats and run differential making it that way. I'm just lazy and I've replaced my morning writing with morning workouts. So while my body gets stronger my brain gets weaker and god forbid I wake up 30 minutes earlier to fit both in. There is plenty to write about with the 2014 Nationals. There is Doug Fister and how he's better than both Edwin Jackson and Dan Haren combined, the continued mystifying, stupefying performance of the magician Tanner Roark, and then there is the giant elephant of what to do when Bryce Harper returns in about a week.

What this post has taught me is that blogging is a service I give freely of myself to the people of the internet and it is my duty to stop making excuses and serve those people. Either that or it is time to remember I enjoy writing and when it starts to feel like a chore I have the talent and the ability to make it fun again and I can always write a post like this.

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