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Nate McLouth Demonstrates a Lesson Learned

When the Nats built a bullpen on the cheap in 2012 it worked. Steve Lombardozzi, Roger Bernadina, Chad Tracy, and Tyler Moore all had outstanding seasons, and the four of them combined cost less than half of what the Nationals will be paying Nate McLouth in 2014, but when they tried to do the same thing in 2013 it was a disaster. The only back-up outfielder to have a higher than .700 OPS was Corey Brown and that was in 15 plate appearances. Hardly enough of a sample size to be trusted. 

Nate McLouth gives the Nationals bench something it severely lacked in 2013, a reliable veteran. McLouth's numbers aren't great. He is a career .250/.334/.418 hitter, and while that isn't great it could have been good enough to earn McLouth a role on a team looking for a stop gap type to get them to the next prospect. Combine that with a contract that isn't out of line for what a 1.0 WAR player can deliver and McLouth not only could have bridged the gap for a team like the Cubs but they also could have traded him at the deadline for an additional prospect. It is unknown if the Nationals had talked to Garrett Jones but he was another in the same boat as McLouth. Not good enough to start on a good team but could land a starting job for the right team, and when the Marlins gave Jones a two year $7.75 million deal he took that to be their starting first baseman. 

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