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A Genuine Nationals Moment, A Division Championship, & A Few Feelings

The Nationals are a team that is unique in its ability to be a kind of lovable oddball. I am not sure what it is that makes the Nationals' luck, but one thing is certain, it is strange. On October 1st, 2012 the Nationals were able to clinch their first ever division championship, but it came in a most peculiar way and had some strange follow up moments to boot.
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NL East Clinched in the Most Nationals Way

The Nationals clinched the NL East last night in what must have been the most Nationals way possible. As the top of the ninth ended with Drew Storen recording the final out the scoreboard at Nationals Park flashed that the Nats were the 2012 NL East champions and the Nationals stared hugging and high-fiving. The only small issue was that Drew Storen was in the game to preserve a two run deficit and not to close it out.

The Nationals happened to trail by 2-0 thanks to a second inning two run triple by Darin Ruf. To the Nationals and Nationals fans this game suddenly no longer mattered. It was an ancillary event. This game that had been causing so much angst and frustration all night was all of a sudden a non-factor. The Nationals had clinched the NL East.

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