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Michael Bourn and the Atlanta Braves

Before the off-season began Michael Bourn was linked to the Nationals more than any other player. The Nats needed to improved their outfield defense and were still looking for someone to lead-off. When it came to free agents Bourn was that guy, but as the off-season has dragged on and the Nationals traded for Span, the Phillies for Revere, the Giants signed Pagan, and the Reds traded for Choo…the Bourn market is quickly evaporating. 

As the market for Bourn vanishes he may employ a tact used by other Boras clients and look for a one year pillow deal and hit the free agent market again next season. If this is indeed what happens then the Atlanta Braves suddenly make a lot of sense for Michael Bourn. Sure they signed BJ Upton but it isn't written into his contract that he has to play center and an outfield of Upton, Bourn, Heyward would be the best defensive outfield in baseball. 

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The Case for Signing Victorino over Bourn

Yes, I know I'm the head of minor league coverage at Citizens of Natstown and no, this is not a minor league subject. It is a subject that I've struggled with during the offseason so far, though, so I figured to write what was on my mind (and because it takes forever to write 549 player profiles for this year's minor league free agents as I plan on doing).

Michael Bourn is a very good baseball player, and is both better and younger than Shane Victorino. I will not argue with that at all. I do think that the situation isn't quite that simplistic, however, and busted out my Ted Mosby yellow legal pad to make a pros and cons list to make my decision.

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Washington Nationals 2013 Off-Season Targets: Michael Bourn

Of all the players available this off-season the one most expect the Nationals to sign is Michael Bourn. It came out the other day that Bourn wants $100 million. A lot of people want a lot of things, but $100 million won't be on the table for Bourn unless a GM completely loses their mind. the main reason for this is that Bourn isn't a better player than Jose Reyes who signed a six year $102 million contract last off-season.

Bourn is the same age as Reyes which makes him one year older than Reyes at the time Reyes' contract was signed. That is enough to drop a year off the contract and the fact that Reyes is a .291/.342/.440 hitter compared to the .272/.339/.365 career averages of Bourn should drop a couple million off the AAV. Bourn should get a contract in the five year $75 million range. 

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