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Putting Numbers on the WMATA Issue (Updated!)

(Editor’s Note: After this piece posted I received an email from WMATA clarifying the process. The only thing WMATA needs is $29,500 to put the agreement in place, not $29,500 per game. It can be done from game 1 of the season and roll over until it is needed, at which time the Nats can put down another $29,500 to continue the agreement. With this knowledge, the need for an agreement between the Nats and WMATA becomes even more of a no-brainer.)

There’s been a lot of fuss made over the issue between Metro and the Nationals and rightly so. I just wanted to put some actual numbers out there. To start, between 2005-2012, the Nats have averaged 4 games per season lasting more than 4 hours.

Next, We all have been made aware that WMATA wants a $29,500 deposit in its hand, in advance, to ensure the possibility of staying open past normal operating hours. WMATA has said that the deposit is refundable, but not what percentage of it is refundable. For the sake of argument, let’s say that 60% of the unused deposit is refunded.

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