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Triple-A Syracuse

Good evening and welcome to the Citizens of Natstown page. I am both happy and excited to write my first post on the new website pioneered by TJ and staffed by so many excellent writers and knowledgeable individuals. Citizens of Natstown is an exciting and fun program to be a part of and I am hopeful that we can keep on improving and having fun.

That being said, I will get right into it!

For my Memorial Day weekend, I had decided to take a trip I had always wanted to take in visiting the Nationals Triple-A affiliate, the Syracuse Chiefs. The drive seemed like it would be long and arduous, but I have to admit it was long, but not horribly painful. I left early Saturday morning and arrived at the City of Syracuse in the late afternoon. I was able to check in at the hotel, then was determined to find a place to refuel and sample a fine brew.

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