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Mark Reynolds and the Nats Continuing Bench Search

It was rumored the other day that the Nats are one of the team in on Mark Reynolds. This is interesting because Reynolds has connections to both Mike Rizzo from his Arizona days and Ryan Zimmerman from his UVA days. The Nats interest in Reynolds also shows us that they aren't finished in the restructuring of the bench or more to the point they want the final bench spot to be a right handed hitter that can play first whether it is Mark Reynolds, Jeff Baker, or Tyler Moore and that the least desirable option in their opinion is Tyler Moore. 

The Mark Reynolds/Mike Rizzo connection is an interesting one. If you go back and look at the mid to late 2000's Diamondbacks that are composed of the players Mike Rizzo helped to draft you notice a trend. Mark Reynolds, Justin Upton, Chris Snyder, Chris Young, and Stephen Drew all have similar skill sets. Each and every one of them is a low batting average hitter that strikes out a few too many times for the casual baseball fan, but all of them have above average power for their positions and have high enough walk rates to have a non-embarrassing on base percentage. In other words Mike Rizzo may walk like a scout, talk like a scout, and wear a Hawaiian shirt like a scout, but when it comes to viewing offensive players strikeouts and batting average mean next to nothing for him. 

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