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Where the Wild Things Aren't

The Nationals don’t have the best history when it comes totheir win loss record, but the 2012 season brought on a lot of “what could have been” from fans in the area hungry for a championship. In 2011, Davey Johnson took the manager’s role after Jim Riggleman decided to (as it is now rightfully dubbed) pull a Riggleman and walk out on the team because of his dispute with Mike Rizzo regarding a contract extension. Since then, Davey Johnson has been loved by the D.C. fanbase and players alike because of his honest criticisms and confidence in players.

In 2011, Johnson was a welcome breath of fresh air. Riggleman was just kind of there, a place holder manager, but at the time there was no reason to fire him. There were concerns at times over Riggleman “losing the clubhouse,” but that is standard the-team-isn’t-playing-great jargon. When Riggleman walked out, things changed greatly. Davey Johnson made it his mission to get a slumping Jayson Werth going and to figure out why it was that Ian Desmond, who had flashed power in the past, wasn’t able to put any baseballs into the seats. Davey Johnson was not afraid to point out when a pitcher wasn’t doing his job, either.

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