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What Would it take for Bryce Harper to be MVP

A good part of analysis is knowing when numbers are useless. I wasgoing to look back at the last five rookies of the year and inform you of their average decrease in OPS, but two of the five are Geovany Soto and Chris Coghlan. On top of that Posey got injured his second full season after only 45 games and Ryan Braun hit like a madman in his rookie season with an OPS of 1.004. It did drop from that to .888, but seriously he OPS'd 1.004 in his rookie season. The only one of the last five position player rookies of the year to not suffer any drop was Hanley Ramirez who saw his OPS rise from .833 in 2006 to .948 in 2007. If we go back one more season to the 2005 rookie of the year, Ryan Howard, his OPS rose from .924 in 2005 to 1.084 in 2006 when he won the MVP (Pujols had a 1.102 OPS that season, the third highest of his career and tops in the NL, but the vote went to Howard).   ​

It is no longer 2006 and the highest OPS in the NL in 2012 belonged to Ryan Braun at .987; Joey Votto did have a higher OPS at 1.041, but did not play enough games to qualify. Those two top my list of potential 2013 MVPs along with Buster Posey (2012 OPS of .957), Matt Kemp (.906), and Andrew McCutchen (.953). For the record Bryce Harper had a 2012 OPS of .817 in route to winning the rookie of the year award. If his OPS jumps the way that Hanley Ramirez and Ryan Howard's did their sophomore years then he is looking at a 2013 OPS of .954 which would put him in the conversation. The other parts of Harper's game such as his base running, throwing arm, and flat out enthusiasm for the game might push him over the top, but right around that number would put him in the conversation.   ​

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