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Why the Nats Don't Need a LOOGY

For those unaware a LOOGY is a Lefty One-Out Guy, essentially a left handed reliever whose sole purpose is to come in and get dangerous left handed hitters out in the late innings.  Carrying a LOOGY is a fairly common practice in Major League Baseball.  Last season the Nationals carried such a pitcher in reliever Michael Gonzalez, who was an excellent .179/.257/.269 against left-handed batters.

This season the Nationals have no such pitcher on the current roster, with only one left-hander, long man Zach Duke, in their bullpen.  While many have wondered how they will fix this "problem", such as re-signing Gonzalez before he signed with the Brewers or picking up free agent JP Howell, many have ignored that there is no problem at all.  The Nationals have no need for a LOOGY.

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