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Washington Nationals 2013 Off-Season Targets: Kyle Lohse

With the start of free agency now official the rumors are flying fast and furious and one such rumor is the Nationals will pursue starting pitcher Kyle Lohse. There are a lot of questions about Kyle Lohse. The main one being, who is he. Is he the Kyle Lohse who over the last two seasons has ERAs of 3.39 and 2.86 with FIPs of 3.67 and 3.51 or is he the Kyle Lohse of the 12 year career with an EAR of 4.45 and FIP of 4.34 with a K/9 of 5.6 and BB/9 of 2.6.

There is some evidence that Lohse has changed over the last two seasons. He was never a strikeout pitching and his last two season's K/9 of 5.3 and 6.1 are in line with his career numbers, but his BB/9 of 2.0 and 1.6 are lower. Kyle Lohse has become less afraid of pitching in the strikezone and has become a better pitcher because of it, but does leaving St. Louis alter that. Pitchers like Joel Pineiro, Jeff Weaver, and Jeff Suppan all saw career resurgence in St. Louis and then flopped when they went elsewhere. Kyle Lohse could do much the same.

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