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Washington Nationals 2013 Off-Season Targets: Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton should be the big offensive target of this off-season, and much like Pujols or Fielder in the previous off-season who is currently on the roster should matter little. The Nationals do not have a player close to the offensive caliber of Josh Hamilton. Hamilton is a difference maker in the middle of the order. Furthermore he is what Bryce Harper could develop into, and who better for Harper to learn his offensive approach from than the player he is most often compared to. 

The fact remains though that even if LaRoche and Morse are both on the roster at the time Hamilton is signed he is taking one of their spots, and the odd man out is more than likely to be Michael Morse. Hamilton played the majority of his innings in centerfield this past season and his -26.3 UZR/150 speaks to the fact that it is time for him to move permanently to a corner position, and on the Washington Nationals that would be left field.

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