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The Power of Hindsight and Strasburg's Innings

This is again a test of our memories. A journey back to what we thought and what was expected of the Washington Nationals. It is August 19 and the Nationals stand just 12 wins away from matching the win total most predicted they would end up with at season's end. In order for the Nationals to finish with that win total and no better they would have to play .285 baseball in their remaining 42 games. With the way the Nationals have played all season long that seems unlikely. 

Instead of thinking all the way back to the beginning of the season instead think of April. Think about how the Nationals couldn't score runs, and kept winning games on odd plays like wild pitches, or how in April four of the five Nationals starters had ERA's under 2.00. If that low scoring great pitching month did anything it confirmed the thoughts that the Nationals were no better than an 86 win team. That the Nationals were a team built with a 90 win pitching staff and a 70 win offense. Things have changed a bit since then. The pitching staff has fallen off a bit, but still is pitching at a level of excellence while the offense has risen to being one of the better ones in baseball. 

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Strasburg's Innings and the Trade Deadline

Mike Rizzo came out the other day and said flat out that there is no number on Strasburg's innings limit and when it is time to make the call on when to shutdown the Nationals Ace that call will be on him. Everyone took that to mean that the Nats were backing off of the innings limit and were going to use Strasburg as long as possible, but there is another possibility. 

Over Strasburg's last five starts he is 1-3 with a 4.10 ERA. There are greater concerns than the stats that indicate Strasburg is not himself. On the season Strasburg has average just over 5 2/3 innings a start while in his last five starts he has average just over 5 innings. It is a small drop off and some of it is caused by only lasting three innings due to heat exhaustion in Atlanta, but the drop off in innings pitched isn't the only trouble. 

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