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The Frustration of the Nationals

At least once a week the Washington Nationals play a game like they did last evening against the Braves. At least once a week they find themselves in a close, nip and tuck pitcher's duel where whichever teams makes the first mistake is going to lose, and far too often the Nationals are the team that makes that mistake. ​

In the ninth inning of last evening's contest the Nats became the team to make that mistake. With runners second and third and no outs all the Nats needed was for one of the next two batters to put the ball in play with authority. The main issue with this is that they were facing Craig Kimbrel who strikes out 50% of the batters he faces. Ian Desmond gave it a good show at the plate working the count, but then fell victim to a slider that nicked the outside corner and fooled him badly. That is fine and should be expected against Kimbrel. The problem wasn't Desmond it was the men following him.

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Decision 2013: H-Rod or Romero

I may be among some of the last people on this planet who still believe inHenry Rodriguez, but I still believe in Henry Rodriguez. Anyone that has watched him pitch over the last two seasons has seen the flashes of brilliance like the time he was so dominant David Ross bunted with two strikes and two outs, or the time he made the Reds look foolish in route to getting a save on just 10 pitches. But it cannot be denied that Henry Rodriguez has pitched poorly this spring. He has walked ten batters and struck out only seven in 8 2/3 innings pitched against talent that Baseball Reference ranks around the AA level. ​

From the looks of things the Nationals are more than likely going to start Henry Rodriguez on the DL. He hasn't gotten it together in a number of days and has pitched like the strike zone is a mystery worthy of Hercule Poirot. He could use the time in extended spring or AA to find even a modicum of command, because even in a mop-up role a 10.4 BB/9 is going to turn a blowout into either a bigger blowout or a close game, and it could end up that the other Nationals relievers can't put out the fire that Henry Rodriguez is going to start. ​

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Are the Nats Set for Opening Day

Early this week Davey Johnson made the announcement that Henry Rodriguezwould be in the Nats bullpen and that Zach Duke would be the only lefty in the Nats bullpen. The reason that Johnson gave was that you don't want to give up on a talent like Henry Rodriguez. Anyone that has seen him pitch on one of his good days can attest to just how talented he is. Henry Rodriguez is second only to Stephen Strasburg when it comes to pure stuff. The issue hasn't been with the 100 MPH fastball, the hard biting quick diving curve, or the drop off the table 91 MPH change-up. The issue with Henry Rodriguez is that no one, including himself, is ever quite certain of where his pitches are going. ​

In 2011 Henry Rodriguez was inconsistent but his final numbers were good with a 3.56 ERA, 3.24 FIP, 9.59 K/9, and 0.14 HR/9. In 2012 the number that really changed was the HR/9 as it rose from 0.14 in 2011 to 1.23 in 2012. Overall for his career Henry Rodriguez has a 0.50 HR/9 so 2011 was a bit low and 2012 a bit high. If Henry Rodriguez can get that under control then he is a useful reliever even without lowering his walk totals, but his career 5.83 BB/9 is bad. It is very bad. As are his 34 career wild pitches in 126 games. If Henry Rodriguez can ever harness his stuff he will be one of the best relievers in baseball, and if he can be healthy and back to 2011 that is still more than acceptable for the seventh man in the bullpen. ​

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The Many Faces of Henry Rodriguez

Update: As serendipity would have it, minutes after I posted this, I got the MASN text saying HRod went on the DL. Well, enjoy the article anyhow, and let's hope he's on the DL for a Bad Henry Amptuation.



...OK, fine, the title is a little misleading – there are only 2 faces of H-Rod, and thus far this season we've seen them both in full force. Of course, our favorite is Good Henry:



And of course, there's Bad Henry:


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