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Reaction to the Fister Trade

The best column on the Fister to the Nats trade I've read is from Dave Cameron of Fangraphs and my suggestion to you is that if you want an opinion of the trade, read that. It echoes what the majority of people think about the trade and there is no reason for me to write out the same thing when it has already been done, and by this time I am sure you know the details of the trade and have your own opinion on it. The other interesting reaction to the trade was from the depths of the Nats fan base that happen to live on Facebook. I didn't know this until last night but then a new Twitter account, @MASNCommenter, popped up. My curiosity wouldn't let me rest until I could discover the origin of these comments and it turned out to be the MASN Nationals Facebook page

It is almost alarming to juxtapose Dave Cameron's thoughts with those of the MASN comments. Most of the complaints on the Nats end are that the Nationals traded a left handed reliever and Steve Lombardozzi. To see either of these as a negative is a complete lack of fundamental understanding of baseball. Even if Lombardozzi was a good utility player, which he isn't, and Ian Krol an excellent left handed reliever, which he isn't yet, this would be a steal for the Nationals. Consider that last season Doug Fister had a 4.6 fWAR and in 2011 Gio Gonzalez had a 3.3 fWAR. In essence the Nationals got a pitcher coming off of a better season than Gio Gonzalez when they traded for him for far less of a price. The real get for the Tigers is Robbie Ray and I am not unconvinced that Dave Dombrowski and the Tigers scouts value Ray more than prospect evaluators do. The Tigers may view Ray as having top of the rotation potential whereas most everyone else views him as more of a back of the rotation type. That may be the case or the Tigers are continuing an effort they started when they traded Prince Fielder to clear up payroll to keep Scherzer, Cabrera, and to possibly add an outfield bat like Choo.

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Series #34 Preview: Nats at Tigers

Nationals fansare still waiting on the spark that will lead to the streak that will close the gap between the Braves and them in the NL East. A lot of good things have happened as of late, the back of the rotation is looking good with Haren finding his command and Taylor Jordan mastering the slider and with signs that the offense is starting to show some life.

In a rare two game series, the Nationals (52-54) head to Comerica Park to take on the Detroit Tigers (59-45). The two teams met earlier this year for another abbreviated series at the beginning of May, where Dan Haren and Jordan Zimmermann pitched their way to two Nats wins. This go around Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez will have a chance to beat up on the Tigers.

Since the two teams last met the Nationals bullpen looks drastically different and Scott Hairston is a member of the bench. The Nats have also gotten healthier with the return of Jayson Werth and Wilson Ramos back in the lineup after lengthy disabled list stays. Also, the Tiger’s ace, Justin Verlander, does not look as sharp as he has in the past and has lost some velocity on his fastball.

Jayson Werth, Ryan Zimmerman and Wilson Ramos seem to be hitting their stride offensively, with Werth batting north of .300 and Zimmerman having four multi-hit games in his last five starts. Ramos might not be the defense juggernaut that Kurt Suzuki is, but the pop that he has helped the Nats out since returning to the lineup on July 4.


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