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Series #12 Preview: Nats vs Cubs

Editors Note: This now has the previews for the entire series. ​

​The Nats continue to piece things together as the season has progressed and that was very evident in the two game sweep of Detroit. The starting pitching, led by Jordan Zimmermann continues to make strides as has the fielding (4 E's in the last three series). The Nats will face the Cubs before heading out west and look to continue to put pressure on the Braves who only lead the Nats in the NL East by two games.

​The Cubs come into the series with a 13-21 record, good for last in the NL Central and 26th in baseball (ahead of TOR, LAA, HOU, MIA). While fairly average all around with a .711 team OPS (16th MLB), a slightly below average 3.76 runs per game, 3.77 ERA (3.87 FIP) the Cubs have not managed to find any traction in the early part of the season and are just 4-6 in their last ten.

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Edwin Jackson, the Qualifying Offer, and the Cubs

There seems to exist among some, astonishment as to why the Nationals would not make a qualifying offer to Edwin Jackson as he was obviously going to be seeking a multi-year deal. As talks have ramped up between he and the Cubs for a 4 year $52 million deal the masses continue to be perplexed. Baseball is not complicated. It is much closer to connect the dots than rocket science. So, why might the Washington Nationals not be willing to offer Edwin Jackson a qualifying offer?

Beginning with the facts as known to us, the first and primary thing to do is to forget about any subsequent offers that came in for the services of Edwin Jackson. At the time the qualifying offer had to be made he was the sole property of the Washington Nationals and unable to negotiate with any other organizations. Upon laying $13.3 million in front of Edwin Jackson there existed a fear among those in the Nationals organization that Jackson would accept. This fear existed because a year earlier Jackson turned down multi-year offers from the Orioles and Pirates in order to play for the Nationals. 

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