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A Guide to Advanced Statistics

There is an information gap when it comes to advanced statsnow. Columnists who rant against them seem to only know of the existence of wins above replacement. Meanwhile, many enthusiasts just use them casually without pausing to explain the stat each time. What is a fan who is interested in these stats, but has no knowledge of them to do? I now present to you my guide to the best introductory advanced stats and their uses.

The three stats that every baseball fan will know are batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage. These are the stats that make up the ubiquitous triple slash and the last two can be combined into another stat, OPS. OPS is a basic read of how well a player gets on-base and the extra value they provide with extra base hits.

However, there is a flaw with slugging percentage and therefore OPS. In calculating slugging percentage doubles are multiplied by two, triples by three and home runs by four. In other words, a double is worth twice what a single is. While doubles are good, any baseball fan would tell you that it is not worth twice as much as a single.


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