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Citizens of Natstown's All Star Break Podcast and Livestream!

We're joined by a few familiar faces from Natstown to discuss injuries, the first "half" of the season, injuries, what the Nats need to do in the second half, injuries, trade scenarios, and of course: injuries. The livestream will begin at 1pm as will the chat below. I'll be keeping an eye on the chat so if you have any questions or comments drop them in and I'll be sure we address them.

Update: It's over! Below is the streaming audio option and further below is the video option. The podcast should be populated to iTunes.



We're Playing Video Games for 25 Hours - For The Kids!

ThisSaturday, observe the Citizens of Natstown team fight sleep and each other for the good of kids everywhere.

It's that time again, people! Remember last year when TJ played 24 hours of games, while fitting in an end of the season podcast, for the kids? Well he decided to get a group together and do it again for even longer! On to the details!


We're playing video games to raise money for charity! Specifically, the Children’s National Medical Center located in Washington, DC. TJ and Matt are going to do a 25 hour stream from his house!


8am (Eastern) Saturday, Nov 2 - 8am Sunday, Nov 3

How do I donate?

Go here! Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated! It's for the kids!


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