Build Your Own Nats Bullpen

The Nationals have a lot of different ways they can go this offseason, small additions like a Gerardo Parra, or giant additions like a Chris Davis. Either way, there's one area they have to address, their bullpen, because it was unbelievably awful last season.

Now, with BYONB you get to make the decisions about how the Nats bullpen comes together this offseason! I've calculated that at a minimum expenditures for starting pitchers and position players will be about $110 million, leaving around $35 million on average for the bullpen. It could be less! If you want a real challenge, try to make a good bullpen under $20 million. There are a few assumptions and acknowledgments I need to get out of the way and then it's game time.

1. All existing Nationals contracts information was taken from

2. Arbitration projections came from

3. Free agent projections came from I used the median salary

4. Any free agents not listed there I made my own estimate for

5. Only monetary costs are considered in trades and all trades are for full contract value, however realistic or unrealistic that is

6. We only care about payroll for 2016, the impact of long term contracts is ignored

7. Remember to have fun out there

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