A Conversation with 2009 Me

With the Nats having clinched a .500 record in a disappointing season I wondered what 2009 me would think of this.

2015 Me: I wanted to reach out to you today and ask what you think of the Nats disappointing 2015 campaign?

2009 Me: Another 100 loss season. How many of these are they going to have in a row?

2015 Me: The season isn't actually over yet and the Nats just clinched at worst a .500 record but it's a very disappointing season because they were the pre-season World Series favorites.

2009 Me: Let me just wrap my head around all this. First the Nationals, the Washington Nationals, the worst team in all of baseball in six years is going to be the World Series favorite and disappoint by finishing at worst .500? Is that all correct?

2015 Me: Correct.

2009 Me: So what's the problem? This sounds like great news. Now I know I just need to suffer for five more seasons and 2015 won't be so bad.

2015 Me: The 2012 Nationals won 98 games and 96 in 2014.

2009 Me: Wait. What?

2015 Me: [No response]

2009 Me: I'm kind of lost here. I've watched back to back losing seasons with Manny Acta and Jim Riggleman as manager, a rotation of rotating hot garbage, a bullpen that's a dumpster fire, Cristian Guzman will never go away and you're telling me a non-losing season after two out of three winning seasons is disappointing. What am I suffering for here? To raise the bar of suffering? Do you just like suffering? Are you ever happy? Am I ever happy?

2015 Me: The 2013 Nationals had a winning record as well they just didn't make the playoffs.

2009 Me: Four years of at least .500 baseball and you're telling me you're disappointed. I wish I knew what that type of disappointment was. Do you remember Nook Logan? How about Charlie Manning? John Lannan is considered the Ace of this team. Who's the Ace in 2015?

2015 Me: Max Scherzer.

2009 Me: The Arizona pitcher with a 4.12 ERA? He had a lot of promise but has been disappointing. I guess not that much has changed.

2015 Me: He threw a no-hitter.

2009 Me: Now you're just fucking with me.

2015 Me: No, he really did. It was pretty awesome especially after Jordan Zimmermann threw one last season.

2009 Me: [No response]

2015 Me: It's just more of the reason that this season is so disappointing. The Nationals were three games up in the division and nine games over .500 at the trade deadline and are going to finish at least five games back of the Mets.

2009 Me: At least it isn't the Phillies.

2015 Me: That's the good news. The Phillies are one of the worst franchises in the sport now.

2009 Me: That's great news, but the Mets are almost as bad. I can kind of understand being upset losing to them. What happened at the trade deadline?

2015 Me: The Nats traded for Jonathan Papelbon.

2009 Me: Why's that bad? He's really good for the Red Sox and while closers are overrated having a good one can be important.

2015 Me: The Nats already had a good closer and he had trouble coping with being demoted after the Papelbon trade and then...well, I should let you find out the rest on your own. The less said about that the better.

2009 Me: I'm not understanding this concept of the Nats already having a good closer and then getting a second good closer and him being upset. Don't these players understand that the more good players you have the better? Isn't there a manager better than Jim Riggleman there to explain all this to them?

2015 Me: Yes and no. Anyone is better than Jim Riggleman but the current Nats manager doesn't really explain things well or even talk to the players at all.

2009 Me: That doesn't sound good but he is better than Jim Riggleman, correct?

2015 Me: That is one way of properly rating his abilities.

2009 Me: So what you're telling me is the Nats played really well for four months and then poorly for the last two and ended up having a much better season than 2009 with a lot of things going wrong?

2015 Me: That pretty much sums it up.

2009 Me: Maybe as much won't go wrong in 2016.

2015 Me: Or even more could go wrong.

2009 Me: Sure if you want to look at it that way but remember I'm excited about seeing Nyjer Morgan for a full season.

2015 Me: Don't be.

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