Time for a Fire Sale

It's time for the Washington Nationals and Nationals fans to face facts. This team will never be as good as expected and blew their one opportunity when they shutdown Stephen Strasburg in 2012. Currently the Washington Nationals are languishing away just three games over .500 and having scored less runs than the last place Miami Marlins and allowed just one fewer than the terrible Chicago Cubs.

Whatever Mike Rizzo thought would work hasn't and the Nationals haven't become the powerhouse everyone expected.

Half the team is on the DL with self-inflicted injuries and the once promising Stephen Strasburg can't get out of his own head while former Nationals like Mike Morse and Kurt Suzuki are blasting home run after home run and hitting over .300 respectively. But these were players the Nationals didn't need. They were complementary pieces to the core.

The core hasn't developed and is close to meltdown. Stephen Strasburg is a mental mess and Bryce Harper would play chicken with a train to show how tough he is. The problem is Harper isn't tough and he can't keep himself in one piece. The rest of the Nationals are just as clueless, and become even more clueless with men in scoring position.

You'd think men paid millions of dollars to play a child's game would know the rules by now, but the Nationals seem to think having a high OBP and getting lots of runners on base is how runs are scored. No. Runs score when a baseball player crosses home plate.

It's time for the Nationals to get some players that understand the game of baseball, and that means trading overpriced veterans like Jayson Werth and Adam LaRoche who have come up short time after time when the game really mattered. The Nationals are a team full of players that buckle under pressure. These failures cannot be allowed to continue.

The Miami Marlins, who've scored more runs than the Nationals, were once a team full of listless, overpriced veterans but they traded them all for inspirational young players, and look at them now, outscoring a team that was supposedly a dynasty.

Domination and excellence were predicted for the Nationals. All the talking heads and media types got all in a tizzy when speaking of their great future, but that future has yet to arrive and since 2012 the Washington Nationals have zero playoff appearances and have obviously won no World Series. That is unacceptable.

It's time to cut bait and trade every player on the roster to get some youth and exuberance in a clubhouse filled with entitled veterans who buy into their own press clippings a little too much.


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