Day at the MLB Fan Cave with Bryce Harper

Day after Opening Day, April 1, April Fool's Day. How many people I told that day believed that I was face to face with Bryce Harper? Not many. How many others also believed I got $50 stolen from me right after the show. Not many either, but that's a whole another story. My day started by taking the train into New York City, and taking a taxi over to the MLB Fan Cave. From there I could feel the electricity of the day, the excitement of fans lining up at the door to get in. Me, I was able to go straight in without waiting in line. Why? Well, thanks to the Citizens of NatsTown, I was able to be an alternate contestant on "Off The Bat", MTV's new show that combines baseball and pop culture. It just so happened, their launch episode featured Nationals superstar Outfielder Bryce Harper.

Now as a "Harper Fan" for the show, I basically got the whole experience without the consequences. Here is a clip courtesy of MASN, with the segment I was ALMOST a part of, but was able to enjoy live:


Not only did I get to meet the Nationals slugger, but I was also able to walk away with an autographed Nationals home hat with his John Hancock on it, and some great memories. Hopefully I will be able to go again, and be able to report to you from national TV next time!

"Off The Bat" shows on MTV2 every Tuesday night at 11 pm ET.


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