Want to be a Contestant on MLB/MTV's 'Off The Bat'?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR-_jIXX88U As detailed on the DC Sports Bog this morning, MLB and MTV are starting a new show called 'Off The Bat' hosted by Fat Joe, Sway, Melanie Iglesias, and Chris Distefano. The show has been described to me as a lot of comedy and baseball, weekly guests, and some fun, goofy games with prizes for the participants.

The inaugural episode will be filmed this coming Tuesday and it just so happens that one Bryce Harper will be the first guest. As such, the producers are looking for three awesome Nats fans to come be contestants in the games section of the show. One of the games is called 'The Cut Off' in which he contestants will field trivia questions from Harper. If the contestant answers correctly, superb. If the contestant is incorrect is where this gets devious...actually, let's let that be a surprise. How confident are you in your trivia knowledge?

Can you, or are you going to be, in New York on April 1st? Are you willing to bet on your trivia knowledge? Fill out the form below and we'll get you in touch with the man in charge of casting the participants. Should you get selected, be prepared for an interview that will air in an upcoming episode of the Podcast with The Huzz, Matt, and myself to go over just how awesome of an experience this was.

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