Game #84 Recap: Oh, Runs, Where Art Thou? Nats lose 4-1 against Brewers

SouthpawRoss Detwiler couldn’t seem to catch a break in Nationals 4-1 loss against the Milwaukee Brewers Wednesday night. He allowed 8 hits, 4 runs (only two of which were earned) with one walk and only 3 strike outs.

Both teams’ bats were relatively quiet, with no runs scored until the fifth inning. Sean Halton hit a lead-off double to get the Brewers’ bats rolling.  Logan Schafer followed with a single. Then Kyle Loshe sacrificed a bunt to put the two runners into scoring position. Norichika Aoki hit an RBI single bringing both base runners home.  Brewers took the lead 2-0

Detwiler and Kurt Suzuki hit back to back singles in the following half but were both stranded there.

In the top of the sixth Amaris Ramirez got on base from Bryce Harper’s catching error, which would cost the Nats. Jonathan Lucroy then singled. After two easy outs, Logan Schafer tripled, hitting both base runners in. This would be Detwiler’s last inning for the game as Brewers led 4-0

With the 2,3 and 4 spots of the lineup coming up in the bottom sixth it would seem a rally was underway. But it wasn’t. Werth, Harper and Zimmerman each got out ending the sixth.

Craig Stammen relieved in the seventh and seemed to have better luck in his two innings pitched. In the seventh he served up two groundouts before striking out Carlos Gomez. Gomez had a good night defensively, catching two of Harper’s long balls, the second of which was such a good catch that Harper tipped his helmet in admiration.

Anthony Rendon, who is becoming a master at second base, hit his second Major League homerun of his career in the bottom seventh. Unluckily for the Nats, it was only a solo shot. Nats trailed 4-1.

After walking the lead-off man and allowing a single from Lucroy, Brewers’ Ricky Weeks gets to first on a fielders’ choice. Lucroy was out at second, runners were on first and third. There must have been some confusion on the number of outs for Weeks, because when Halton flied out to center fielder Denard Span he forgot to tag up and was then the final out of the inning.

Despite this lucky out the baseball gods handed to the Nats, their bats fell silent in the bottom of the ninth as it went 1-2-3, out, out, out. Fernando Abad was brought in for the ninth inning. Abad had a good outing, struck out one and allowed only one hit from the incredibly fast Aoki.

Bottom of the ninth, Nats still trailed by three runs. Bryce Harper lead off the inning, but was not having a great day, he struck out, his second time today and went 0 for 4. Ryan Zimmerman singled alleviating our worries for just a moment. Adam LaRoche struck out swinging making it two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Then it was Desmond up to bat, who walked. A promising ninth for those full of hope! Anthony Rendon came up to bat. He swung, the ball went deep into right field, but it’s called foul. He made contact again, and it went up only to drop into the glove of center fielder Gomez.

Nationals lost the series to the Brewers. You can’t expect to win a ballgame with only one run.

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