Game #76 Recap: Too Close for Comfort

by: Andrea Borrelli

For a curly “W” in the books, last night’s game ended upbeing a bit too frustrating as the game progressed. Two quick first innings brought the Nationals to an exciting third, where they solidified a 5-0 lead going into the fourth. By the 6th inning it looked like a game for the team to be proud of, with the score at 6-0. After a late game rally by the Diamondbacks, the game became a nail-biter with every pitch. Finally Soriano closed the game and solidified the win with a final score of 7-5.  

Gio Gonzalez looked a shaky, as he typically does at the start of a game, on the mound up against the D-backs top of the lineup, Willie Bloomquist. After giving up a double, he pulled himself together and gave up no runs through the fifth. With the Nationals’ offense not feeling the pressure to hit that they’ve grown accustomed to this season, the bottom of the third brought Suzuki in to score, followed closely by Span. The third inning ended shortly after Adam LaRoche’s 11th homer of the year, which brought in three runs and the score to 5-0.

The fifth inning brought another run for the Nationals when Jayson Werth came in thanks to Ian Desmond’s sacrifice fly. The Diamondbacks started to make the game interesting in the sixth, when they scored a run and then loading the bases with two outs. A force out ended the inning.

The Nationals had three quick outs in the bottom of the sixth, including a strike out by Gio Gonzalez, who ended up coming back in for the top of the seventh. After allowing a runner on second, Drew Storen came in to replace Gonzalez. After Storen walked Aaron Hill, he gave up a single which brought in the runner Gonzalez left on second. A rookie fielding error by Rendon brought in another runner and the seventh inning ended 6-3.

A couple of defensive switches started the eighth, including Tyler Clippard coming in for Storen. It was a game of rocky starts for the Nationals’ pitchers as Clippard showed when he gave up a solo home run to the first batter he faced. He too pulled himself together and gave up no other hits or runs for the eighth. Lombardozzi, who had come in at the top of the inning to play second moving Rendon to third, hit a nice double bringing up Span. An error by the D-backs brought Lombardozzi home and the score to 7-4 going into the ninth.

Soriano came into close since the game had turned into a save situation. He gave up one run but was still able to untuck as the too-close-for-comfort game ended 7-5.



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