The Slow Curve: When a Thing Becomes a Thing

There's been some back and forth over the past week over whether the Nationals should use "Take On Me" as the 7th Inning Stretch Nats anthem--some say Michael Morse left the song to the team and that it's an appropriate commemoration of his contribution to the 2012 run. Others noted his responses on Twitter ("creepy") and wondered if lifting the tune was legit. Still others were ok with the song, but notsomuch the way the Nats cut the music for the collective karaoke high-note -- and then started the music again.

But what strikes me is the fact that it became a thing in the first place. Ever since Michael Morse put the song into his walk-up rotation, I would happily sing along with the '80s pop hit, partly because I *can* hit that high note. But it wasn't a "thing" at first, and it was notable when the press started observing that they could hear the fans singing after the music cut out. Because that was when it became a thing -- aided, I think, by Michael Morse singing the song on MLB's "Intentional Talk." 

I got to thinking about this this other day, when the Nationals Twitter account screamed out "WERTHQUAKE" when JDub hit one out of the park. Now, that's something that my hairy pal @jwerthsbeard talks about all the time, but I hadn't seen the Nationals doing it, possibly because there just weren't a lot of opportunities for it to catch on last year. But this year:

And #werthquake has been spotted as a trending tag on Twitter after these two bombs. So, at some point, #werthquake became a thing--possibly because the two home runs Jayson hit after returning from his injury last year were unforgettable, epic at-bats in pivotal moments, and we're all delighted to see his power bat in action.

So, what are your favorite "things" in Nats fandom?  What new "things" do you hope to see take off this year?  

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