Citizens of Natstown 2013 Outlook

Excited for baseball season to start? So are we, and with just 15 days left until Nats pitchers and catchers report to Viera, the Citizens are gearing up for an extremely busy 2013.

As we've stated on the podcast and on Twitter, we're putting out the Inaugural Edition of the Citizens of Natstown Washington Baseball Annual on FEBRUARY 12. Exclusive content from all of the contributors here at Citizens and a few guest spots from Frank over at Nationals 101, including player profiles, 2013 projections and more! Look for it on both the Kindle E-Book Store and the Apple iBook store (with a separate iPad Optimized version!).

We are also planning a lot more interactivity this season. If you take a look at our calendar, the first thing you'll notice are the Away Game Sunday Watch Parties, hosted at Duffy's Irish Pub. Whether it's just a few fans or a barful, it's always more fun to what games as a group. So come out to Duffy's for any Sunday away game to hang out with some great Nats fans and enjoy these great deals:

  • $15 Buckets of Miller Lite Bottles
  • $12 Pitchers of Miller Lite
  • $4 1/4 lb All Beef Duffy Dogs

In another effort to increase the amount of fan interaction, we're going to be live blogging the Nats game every Monday night. Have something to say about Espi's last AB, or the drunk guy passed out in the last camera pan? Head right here and join the conversation with the staff and fellow Nats Fans!

Like I said, we are extremely excited for this upcoming year and these are just a few of the new features we plan to add to the already great coverage provided by the staff here at Citizens. Look for the podcast this week, the Annual on 2/12, more additions to the calendar above as the season goes on and GO NATS!

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