The Seven Day Synopsis

Welcome all to a new segment of your normal Citizens of Natstown broadcast, a place where I will go through the week that was in Natstown, and see who is playing out of their minds, and who is shitting the bed. Think of it like a George Michael Sports Machine bit, except that I'm not dead.

So let's kick this thing off, starting with the week of September 19 - 25, and always remember, winning isn't everything, except in Twitter fights.

Hot Hitter(s)

It's been a heckuva week for shortstop Ian Desmond with the lumber, hitting at a robust .368/.500/.579 slash line, giving him a 1.079 OPS over the last seven days. He also led the team in walks (5), and shared the lead with Bryce Harper in stolen bases with 3, providing a great offensive spark in the bottom half of a lineup that averaged over 6 runs per game for the week.

He only just beats out Ryan Zimmerman for the Hot Shot Top Spot of the Week, who himself had a whale of a week, with a 2 HR, 9 RBI, 14 total bases showing, and flashing plenty of glove at the hot corner. 

Horse$h!t Hitter(s)

While enduring another bit of a mini-slump, we find 19 year old Las Vegan Bryce Harper at the bottom of this scrum. With a .217 BA, and only 1 extra base hit for the week, to go with striking out in 30% of his plate appearances, the week was unkind for young Mr. Harper at the plate. However, it wasn't all bad news for the Nationals, as Harper did lead the team in runs scored for the week, with 6.

On to the pitching staff...

Productive Pitcher(s)
For the week that was, I'm giving Gio Gonzalez the nod here, for obvious reasons. For his latest gem of an outing, Gonzalez became first pitcher to 20 wins in the 2012 season, on top of becoming the first Washington pitcher to 20 wins since Ross Grimsley in 1978, as well as the first Washington hurler to reach the 200 strikeout plateau, since Walter 'Big Train' Johnson, whom many of you probably know as the dude with 5 arms over by the Centerfield Gates.

A tip of the cap should also go to Jordan Zimmermann, as well as Drew Storen, who has made a great second half comeback from elbow surgery. His timing couldn't be more perfect, for this week his roomie is our...

Pathetic Pitcher(s)

Who else could it be but Tyler Clippard? A 12.27 ERA, a couple of blown saves, and hitters hitting a T-ball like .450 for the week against you will always win you the Pathetic Pitcher prize here at Citizens of Natstown. I was tempted to give it to Livan Hernandez after his showing in middle relief for the Brewers, but realized he didn't play for the Nats anymore. You get so used to blaming a guy, you know?

However, all blame rests on the gangly shoulders of Clippard for this week; not surprising, Clip also lost the closers role to the surging 2011 closer Storen, which just adds insult to injury.

Another week down, and one that saw the Nats garner a tidy 5-5 record. With just a week left in the season, there is time for improvement, a clinching of the NL East title, and time for a couple more heroes, and goats to impress and torture the Nationals faithful. Who will it be? Will Desmond stay on top? Will Clippard get his act together? Well, like America's Top 40, you're just going to have to stay tuned to find out.

I guess this makes me Casey Kasem, right? Still alive, by the way.

Until next week, Nats fans.

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