Jayson Werth and the Must Click Link of the Day

If you happen to have missed last night's game or didn't bother to read much beyond the box score let me set this controversy up for you. In the ninth inning Jayson Werth was on deck when a ball rolled to him and he appeared to fake out some kids sitting behind the Nats dugout. Jayson Werth would later explain that earlier in the game he did throw a ball into the crowd only to have to thrown back at him and when he went to throw this ball to the kids he saw a group of middle aged men he believed to be drunk and decided not to through the ball to the kids. 

Phillies fans, who already lustily boo Werth, have decided that this is the worst possible type of injustice and that now Werth deserves even more hatred. Today Bill Baer of the wonderful Phillies blog Crashburn Alley addressed the issue and writes why Phillies fans should respect Werth. He is after all a player that helped to lead them to two World Series and an NLCS all while having the best years of his career as a member of the Phillies, and yet Phillies fans view it as a slight that he choose to take a seven year $126 million contract to play for a division rival when the Phillies made no offer even remotely close to that in money or years.

Read Baer's column for yourself and make your own decisions as to whether Werth deserves the hate he receives from Phillies fans, but my final thoughts on this is that Werth may have bought himself a few more boos in Philly, but he also earned some respect and good will from his hometown fans. The Phillies are no longer in charge of this division and it is time their fans start to feel what it is like to no longer be the big kids on the block.  

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